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Is N getting worse or better over time?

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Is N getting worse or better over time?

Post by TORNADO on Tue Dec 30, 2014 6:42 am

Hey all,
First off, I dont know if this is in another topic, but I have an interesting discussion for the forums.

I love N very much, and trust me, I had always liked the concepts of N (Speedruns, Challenges, NPoints, Mapping, Playing, ETC.) and I always had my pros and cons of playing and mapping in this game.

My question here is this: Is N getting better or worse?

I'll answer with an example:
The pros of PLAYING N is it made me better on competition and playing fun maps in general, nice warming up to my hands xD.
Cons of PLAYING N is that either I completely get powned and get bad scores, or I pown and get awesome scores, which many dont see in me.

The pros of MAPPING on N is that everyone loves my maps, and I make sure my maps are not a waste of time to make and they are impressive.
Cons for MAPPING is that I tend to overdo maps, I expect lots of feedback and demos, and get nothing sometimes. Another con is that I either make my maps too easy, hard, or impossible by mistake, either way I get screwed over.

Judging by my mapping and playing, I feel N has just a bit got better for me but not a change I'd see as "Big". I feel like when I was newer, I never caused any issues and I was a fun Mine-map maker. I love most maps i see, but lets face it, the drop of experience for most players and mappers are un-necessary maps like penises and very offensive maps.

In 1 sentence, N has stayed the same for me over time.

State your answers and/or opinions on mine, no harm I hope will be in these opinions, but I want your side of N. I hope you like this :) 8)


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Re: Is N getting worse or better over time?

Post by james_s on Tue Dec 30, 2014 6:34 pm

You sure you're from Missouri and not Hollywood(desperate)? heh. Well, you know I am a fan of evaluating own work. And I think big maps with lots of d├ęcor (esp if messy) are less inviting to run cause u know ur just gonna get lost/ die hundreds of times. Having said that though, I don't like quick maps either.

Anyway you're definitely one of the very good mappers

ps. the title of this thread is about something else surely

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