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TotW Rules S2

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TotW Rules S2 Empty TotW Rules S2

Post by TORNADO Mon Feb 09, 2015 1:12 am

Rules for the next season(s) of TotW

1) No breaking blocks that are given. You may add tiles BUT you can't "Touch" the given tiles with your added ones,
2) Items that are not allowed: Ghost Blocks, Teleporting Blocks, Teleporters (With Launchpads), or ANYTHING that requires manual change to the coding.
-Diagonal Panels and Re-positioned doors are allowed.
3) You must at least try with the map. I am having higher standards for the map result.
-Your map must be able to be played using the whole map, not just mines to block most of it. Make the map PLAYABLE.
- Your map must be unique, or something that stands out, If I see a map that you may map of of everyday, its not going to be well. Make the map CREATIVE.
- You must at least test your map. If you have the ability, PLEASE show a screenshot to your test completion, or specifically tell me you tested it. Make the map POSSIBLE.
4) You got 6 days to make your map. Monday is start, Saturday is end. SUNDAY is judging day and a chance for me to update the series.
-There will be a poll on Sundays for who you want the winner to be. If there is a tie, I will ask shomman to judge.
5) No spammed or immature content on the tilesets. No spam drones/mines or content that isn't simply right.

Rules to be updated - A_99 8)


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