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TotW Version 2 - What or what not to expect.

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TotW Version 2 - What or what not to expect. Empty TotW Version 2 - What or what not to expect.

Post by TORNADO Fri Apr 17, 2015 1:43 am

Ok, so before I start this, I just want to start TotW over. I felt I abandoned the series at the wrong time from stuff I dont even remember, but if you want to help me or tell me your thoughts, PM me on forums, please! If you dont want to be a part or dont like the series in general, then dont.

(?)= NEED feedback on the most
What I will return/have
-6 Day timing for map making
-Given you a provided tileset to work on, some by me, some will be new ones from helpers!
-Will have limits/rules for contest (?)
-ONLY 6 week progress for Re-boot of S1
-Poll for everyone to choose a winner! (?)
-I, and only I, post maps/winning maps
-Will make sure you win :)
-Will bring back Special Mention, NOT a 2nd place. (Creds to Shomman for that idea!)

Adding (?)
-A theme for each tileset, so if I give you a race-like tileset, I'll say "(Recommended: RACE)"
-Awards for my series ^...^

-Helpers for tilesets
-Helpers for tracking winners (?)

Series begins in a little while :)


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