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Spotlight Mapping Competition ~~ Official Release

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Spotlight Mapping Competition ~~ Official Release Empty Spotlight Mapping Competition ~~ Official Release

Post by Spotlight_Official Tue May 26, 2015 1:47 am

Welcome to the Spotlight Mapping competition, managed by Spackal and Blizz

This is a competition in where anyone can submit there map to be reposted on the official Spotlight N account for a chance at earning points. At the beginning of each month, maps that have been chosen will be published around noon. 7 days later, points will be recorded, again around noon. Below are the details on how this would work

If there are enough submissions, this can start on June 1. Otherwise, it'll start in August
[ Submission ]:
Any map-maker that wishes to submit a map would simply e-mail the link to this e-mail: officialnspotlight@gmail.com

When submitting maps, please include a link to the map, title of the map, and who the maker is. Any map submitted cannot be published before or during the competition, but can be published after the results of the month are posted

All submissions must be submitted 2 days before the maps are to be posted

[ Selection ]:
Of all the maps submitted, the top 10 will be selected to be published through the official Spotlight N account. Each map will be judged in 2 catagories:
Design - Use of tiles, entities, space, and how well the map looks - [ /15 ]
Playability - Difficulty of the map, along with how fun it is to play. Should be hard enough that it takes a few tries to beat, but is not rage inducing - [ /10 ]

Each map will be judged by all the managers without knowledge of who the maker is, so as to reduce bias, and posted in this style: [ title of map ] - [ maker ] [ Tag ]

[ Score System ]:
Of the top 10 selected maps, the top 5 will be "spotlighted" and earn 50 points for their maker. A week later, any of the 10 maps with a rating will earn [ rating X 10 ] points for their maker.

Points will be kept in a seperate spreadsheet that will be linked at a later date, as well as the number of maps accepted and spotlighted

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