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About Me.

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About Me. Empty About Me.

Post by APimpNamedXa Fri Dec 18, 2015 6:20 pm

I'm going to repost what i said in Metanet forums.

Hello everyone. The name is 'Xa', or whatever you like to call me.

I used to play this game a lot, since the early stages of N version 1.3 up to now and I got addicted to it. I took a long break, and came back.

About the long break, let me make a confession to everyone.

I am/was M4xwell. I know that I fucked up 23 months ago and had my pride go up to my head, and I did a bunch of stupid shit and cared more for level upvoting from things I didn't even make. I know I did all this, and I know i'll probably won't be forgiven for all the people I did take and I did hurt, but I am okay with this. I made this account recently because I needed to apologize for what i've done now with a different heart. I love the game too much to leave. I don't expect to be on this much or at all, and if I get banned for this, I would accept that too. All i want to do now is just play N and make my own silly levels, and my ownself.

Once again, I do apologize for all the stupid shit i did 23 months ago. If I was able to take it all back, I would, but those deeds were done. I only hope now is to keep a smile on my face and learn more and more from the past I had (learn better from it). Who knows, maybe i'll make some friends again, I don't even know. All i know is, I love the game too much to leave, and I am glad to be back here for as much time as I have. wrote:

Now, onto about me.

1. I am a brony. Kill me now. /kek
2. My favorite maps to make are shape-oriented levels and Races.
3. College freshmen, it's all chill.

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About Me. Empty Ayy

Post by M4xwell Wed Sep 28, 2016 9:44 pm

My new main (and original) account.

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