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Bounceblock triple jumps

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Bounceblock triple jumps Empty Bounceblock triple jumps

Post by EddyMataGallos Fri Sep 05, 2014 2:22 am

So I decided to create a quick tutorial for this trick, which I consider a must, specially the triple off the side, which is automaticly easy, unlike the triple off the top, which is harder, not because of the speed required, but because of the coordination required.

In the video, I explain how to learn to do the triple jump off the top. You will see you can get the hang of it with relative ease. I think I do like 5-6 of them in under a minute, so its fairly consistent. The first one appears at 1:52, and then I do 2 in a row twice.

After that, I show some triples off the sides. They are so easy I don't include any explanations, its basically slide till you have enough room to execute 3 jumps. Decent speed is enough, you can even do slow ones.

Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJ4xtv1a-HA

Sorry for the bad video/audio sync.

This is mainly dedicated to Nightsky, since he was very reluctant to believe they are doable realtime, and even said this:

Nightsky.ft.Requi wrote:triple bounce block jumps require literally ~12 jumps per second (tested it myself), so 3 jumps in 0.25 seconds... physically not possible, with 2 fingers, yes. zzzzzzzzzzz <-- done with one finger at high speed. get it? quadrojump the same. physically not possible, and would take over 20 tries to perform it. Well hard levels can get beaten, yes.
Of course, I used just one finger here, you don't require 2 fingers for this.

Quads on the other hand require a lot of speed, but for that you require other finger techniques (which I can't do, ask Meta for those).

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