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Teleport - Divide your map(s)!

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Teleport - Divide your map(s)! Empty Teleport - Divide your map(s)!

Post by TORNADO Sun Apr 26, 2015 4:16 am

Before I start, two things are to be brought up.
1) I didnt come up with this, Fujita Seiko did.
2) This is to those who dont know how to do it, though it is very easy!

Here is the map that I made, which I divided into 2 halves, purposely made to go in a little loop. (I am aware of the panels being cheatable, but point is..). How I did this was very easy. www.thewayoftheninja.org/nv2.html?l=150512 .
1. Make the ghost block after you made your tileset and found out where you are going to put your in and out.
2. Get regular launchpads, and put them in your tunnel that is your in-out.
Make sure you snap the pads so they are connected, for maximum speed.
3. On the turns, place a round corner for better placement.
4. Cover up with the ghost blocks to your liking, just make sure they dont get deleted or effect with the map in a bad way
you should get something like I did on my map, where you go in and out the other side. decorate it to your liking.

-A_99 (Confused or questions? VVV)


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