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[Contest] TTT: The Nv2 Tag-Team Tournament

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[Contest] TTT: The Nv2 Tag-Team Tournament Empty [Contest] TTT: The Nv2 Tag-Team Tournament

Post by Ephemeral Wed Oct 31, 2018 5:44 pm

Hello everybody! It's been quite a while since I spoke here. What better way than announcing a contest, yay! Straight to the point now.

But what is "TTT"?

TTT is going to be a highscoring contest, where teams of two compete against each other on exclusive contest maps.

And what will the competition look like?

Members of said teams will all try their best on the contest maps. The scores achieved by both members of each team will be added together for every individual level and the total team scores will be compared with each other. The team with the lowest total score will gain 0 points, the team that places directly above will be awarded 1 point and so on...
The points will serve as a tool to once again rank the teams in the final results table.

Cool! But any details on the maps?

There will be 10 maps in total, spread across two weeks. The maps will be moderately diverse, since they will come from four different mappers:

  • SpartaX18 (myself, 5 maps)
  • Flipmasta (2 maps)
  • V3L0C1T4 (1 map)
  • sribika (2 maps)

Huge credit to them for helping me with the maps, by the way.

Can you present us with a calendar for this event?

The 'TTT' starts this coming Monday (Nov 5) and will last for two weeks, until Sunday, Nov 18 (included).
Here is the plan for both weeks:
Monday through Friday, one contest map per day will be published. You are allowed to start highscoring right away after a map has been published. Saturdays and Sundays are basically bonus days for those who have busy weekdays.
All activity will be obsolete after November 18. The results will probably be revealed the following Monday.

Neat. How will the teams be formed, though?

The teams will be put together by me in a balanced manner, so that each team has a realistic chance of emerging victorious. Of course, I will answer all complaints if they arise (which I hope they don't) and I will try to resolve the issue by rearranging the tag-teams.

There is a problem, however. What if someone doesn't make it to the visible top 10 leaderboard?

Not a problem at all. If a participant happens to place outside of the leaderboard, they can prove having completed the map by sending me a screenshot of the score they got (Discord DM is the preferred way).

And what about rules? Are there any?

Yes. Please do not pause. Or cheat. Or whatever. Friendly competition above all.

Where will I be updated on the competition?

Your best bet is a spreadsheet I've made: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1snNAA5Qo3Ka1Whrh50AiquHW3b8M-i2m6VvMpcyxvw8/edit?usp=drivesdk
I will also post updates on the Discord server from time to time.
The above-mentioned spreadsheet also contains a list of participants and their teams.

Alright, lovely! Can I still join in?

If you are reading this before Sunday, Nov 4, then absolutely! No matter the means, just let me know about it and I'll add you.

That wraps it up! Stay tuned for the contest and I wish you good luck and have fun! Please remember it begins this upcoming Monday!

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[Contest] TTT: The Nv2 Tag-Team Tournament Empty Re: [Contest] TTT: The Nv2 Tag-Team Tournament

Post by Ephemeral Mon Nov 19, 2018 7:30 pm


1. Stroke'n'Eyon (grydx2 & Eyon) with 90 points!!

2. (ex aequao)The Swipers (swipenet & Mikper) with 70 points!

2. (ex aequao)The Placeholders (glebogryzacz & Durindal) with 70 points!

4. Nude Dudes with Attitudes (AlQaholic & Jamza15) with 69 points

5. FTL (RenaldoLom & TBOLT) with 63 points

6. NKVD (N-master & KML) with 59 points

7. Double-D-Cups (Dieguiinchi & deep97) with 46 points

8. Eggsmyr (Egg & axmyr) with 39 points

9. Amore93 (Amibe & oxymoron93) with 29 points

10. The Backseat Boys (Xzander Snow & polt) with 20 points

Congratulations to the winners, Stroke'n'Eyon!! :happy:

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[Contest] TTT: The Nv2 Tag-Team Tournament Empty Re: [Contest] TTT: The Nv2 Tag-Team Tournament

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