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Season 2 - Tileset of the Week by Andrew_99!

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Is this a better layout for S2?

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Season 2 - Tileset of the Week by Andrew_99!

Post by TORNADO on Mon Feb 09, 2015 12:36 am

Its going to soon be that time again, for Tileset of the Week. I have listened to suggestions and I will explain the changes and add-ons to the series. I am going to be alone with the actual flow of the series, but I added new ways for you guys to enjoy the series.

Before I go on, please go to my 'Tilesets Needed' Topic and post a tileset, this will save me time and from stress.

Changes and Additions :
-Made it so you provide tilesets like mentioned above
-Will add poll to your decision on who is the winner. This may be dont to anyone but you may NOT vote for yourself.
-If your tileset is for the current week, you can get a special mention but not winner of the week
-Special Mentions are now considered 2nd Place instead of a map shoutout. This will be judged on a slightly different scale as whats given.
-Will Make a RULES UPDATE to the already made post.
-Moved days that Week go on From SATURDAY TO FRIDAY, over to MONDAY TO SATURDAY! (Please note that SUNDAY will be a judging, forum updating, etc. day!)

PLEASE tell me your input below. See you hopefully on Monday!
PS. Last reminder of TILESETS NEEDED! 8) 8)


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Re: Season 2 - Tileset of the Week by Andrew_99!

Post by Elix-r on Mon Feb 09, 2015 3:14 am

I'll give you tilesets of you want, but since I know you I can just show you them. :)

I may work on a week or two, just for the extra help you need.

Keep it up, Andrew :D


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