Positives, abilities and things you're the best at

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Positives, abilities and things you're the best at

Post by SpartaX18 on Sat Jun 06, 2015 7:11 pm

As requested by Yoke300, i created this topic for compensation for the other one (Weaknesses, phobias and inabilities). Okey, let's get started:

My positives - i'm clever (people say it to me, so it's not subjective); people often ask me questions they don't know the answer for. As cooperverdon said trillion times, i'm also *chill*

Abilities - Although i'm not even close to being skinny, i'm pretty flexible. For instance, i'm able to get my legs behind my head. I can touch my knees with my head too (not bending the knees and staying straight). Not really classified to flexibility, but i can move my ears as well. I believe i'm not the only one here with those abilities though.

I'm the best at...hm...probably math and english (i know i often make mistakes, but i think i'm understandable :DD). I'm also not bad at informatics.

Alright, that's all. Don't forget to share your [title of this thread]. =]

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